About MAP

Miss Africa Perth is an event that gives us an opportunity to showcase African heritage i.e. culture, fashion, traditions, music, art and beauty, it provides a snapshot of cultural and social identities and serves the purpose of strengthening community cohesiveness and promoting cultural understanding, it is a way of infusing these into the wider community and making our presence felt, as Africans.

Objectives of Miss Africa Perth

  • To instill confidence and pride in young African women
  • To promote African heritage, culture and identity in the wider community
  • To provide African youths with a positive image/event to identify with



Miss Africa Perth Commitments and Responsibilities

  • Youth ambassador
  • Community Fundraising
  • Promote a positive image of Africa
  • Organise fund raising events and support projects for the benefit of the community
  • Attend identified functions promoting Miss Africa Perth pageant’s objectives
  • Promote social, economic and cultural activities for the advancement of Africans in Australia and in the Diaspora